Jessalyn P

What sets them apart from other Creperie is the crispy texture. The textural contrast is why- just like “Snowflakes”….they’re rare and..

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Rochelle Shella T

This is a staple place for us for tasty shaved ice and rolled up ice cream.  Since their humble beginnings at Dublin, we have been..

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Carissa C

Their shaved ice is really soft and fluffy, but not too light that it melts quickly. I would definitely go again for their mango! This..

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Angelique A

Nicest ever staff and a variety of dessert treats! As someone who prefers texture over sweetness, would recommend the Heras goodness for..

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Cristina B

This place was surprisingly fantastic. Fresh ingredients, ample parking, and a remarkable menu make this a must stop place for desserts..

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